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          ArtCAM 2017 以後版本請點此至新網頁

          ArtCAM JewelSmith - 最專業珠寶設計製造 CADCAM 軟體

          ArtCAM JewelSmith Screen

          Courtesy of L and A Juwelun Belgium

          透過 ArtCAM JewelSmith ,您能輕鬆快速地設計並高度客製化珠寶作品,並導入 CNC 或 3D 列印製造,我們獨特的軟體工具將引導您從導入的概念草圖到生產的整個設計製造流程。

          了解 ArtCAM JewelSmith

          探索 ArtCAM JewelSMith 網站
          I saw the software package and it knocked my socks off, I had never seen anything like it and was very impressed. We were able to produce a finished piece and deliver it to our client in 4 days. A new record in our shop! ... I've never seen a necklace made of this high quality in such a short time."

          Michael Buckley : Michael's Designs

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